Tennessee Titans: Tannehill can cement division title – redemption story with three more wins

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill can lead the Tennessee Titans to their first division title in over a decade, and cement his own redemption story in the process.

All he has to do is win three more games.

The Titans (8-5) have become one of the most dangerous teams in the league since inserting Tannehill into the lineup seven weeks ago. Tennessee is riding a four-game win streak while winning six of their last seven.

As a result, the team has gone from woeful start to co-leading the AFC South with their destiny in their own hands.

Win the last three and you are division champs.

The Titans have also become one of the most potent scoring offenses in the league since Tannehill took over, averaging just over 31 points per game after averaging almost half that (16) prior to.

Tannehill leads all qualified quarterbacks with a rating of 118.5, and also leads the league in yards per attempt (9.8). He is only two-tenths of a point behind Drew Brees for best completion percentage (73.4).

Confidence is contagious 

Tannehill’s confidence is becoming tangible, you can see it rubbing off on his teammates. Everyone that he throws to seems to be making plays.

Big plays, at that.

The run game, defense, and special teams unit are also playing with a renewed swagger. All three have contributed to Tennessee’s scoring spree in each of the Titans’ last four victories.

Talk about complimentary football…that is the epitome of it.

But more impressive than Tannehill’s newfound Nashville notoriety is the fall from grace that preceded it.

Tough times for Tannehill

Can you imagine climbing the ladder at your job, a place you’ve been for seven years, only for your boss to demote you before ultimately paying you to leave?

And no, that’s not hyperbole. The Miami Dolphins agreed to pay the vast majority of Tannehill’s salary this season in order for the deal to get done.

I digress.

Can you imagine your new company never giving you a chance to apply for your old position, even though you knew you were better than the one currently holding it?

You’d be fuming! And I would be too!

Such is the life of Tannehill when he was forced out of Miami before being forced to watch Marcus Mariota struggle week after week.

I commend Tannehill for handling the situation with humility, class, and professionalism. Based on the results we can safely assume one thing…..he never gave up on himself and was prepared when he finally got his shot.

We saw no signs of Tannehill moaning and groaning about not playing, at least not publicly. And more importantly, we haven’t seen any public declarations of “I told you so”, or, “Take that Miami”.

That takes character and discipline….

As a native Nashvillian, of course I want to see my hometown Titans in the playoffs every year, but a part of me is also rooting for Tannehill to put the cherry on top of an already inspiring redemption story.

Just three more wins.

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